Chef Venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Damu Exit 'Cooku with Comali'

Chef Venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Damu have quit from TV Reality 'Cooku with Comali'. Now, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt's recent Facebook post is gaining widespread attention.
Cooku with Comali Venkatesh Bhatt
Cooku with Comali Venkatesh Bhatt
The popular cooking reality show 'Cooku with Comali' witnessed a significant turn of events as its judges, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Damu, announced their resignation.

The announcement came amid rising rumors about the fifth season of the show, where they were expected to return as judges.

Chef Dhamu, Chef Venkatesh Bhat
Chef Dhamu, Chef Venkatesh Bhat

Chef Venkatesh Bhatt's and Chef Damu's Announcement

Chef Venkatesh Bhatt took to his Facebook page to officially declare his exit from the show. Stopping the rumors and by confirming his departure, he later shared a video on Instagram addressing his decision.

Shortly after Chef Venkatesh's announcement, Chef Damu also shared the news of his departure on his Instagram page.

He assured his fans that they would soon see them in another show, expressing confidence in the continuity of their entertaining partnership.

Fans were sad about the judges' exit in the show, but many hope the chefs will still entertain together in some other way.

Cooku with Comali Venkatesh Bhatt
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Chef Damu's Deleted Video

Interestingly, Chef Damu took an unexpected step by deleting the video in which he had initially shared the news of his departure. This raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about the reasons behind his decision.

In response to these developments, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt posted a philosophical message on his Facebook page.

He compared deleting content from the internet to closing one's eyes, emphasizing that happiness is his priority and he also stated that "The friendship will not change ".

Viral Impact on Social Media

Chef Venkatesh's post on Facebook has gone viral on various social media platforms, attracting attention from fans and followers.

The profound message has sparked discussions and debates among people about the possible underlying reasons for the judges' sudden exits.

Cooku with Comali Venkatesh Bhatt
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