Filmmaker Zafar Sadiq Charged in Drug Trafficking Case; Ameer Addresses Allegations

Legal woes for Zafar Sadiq; 'Kadavul Periyavan' release on hold. Ameer distances himself from allegations, reaffirms stance against crime.
Director Ameer
Director AmeerK.Rajasekaran

In a recent development, filmmaker Zafar Sadiq has found himself embroiled in a drug trafficking case, leading to the formation of a special police team tasked with his apprehension.

Zafar Sadiq, Amir
Zafar Sadiq, Amir

Simultaneously, the release of Ameer's much-anticipated film, 'Kadavul Periyavan,' has been halted due to the unfolding situation.

Addressing the matter, Ameer stated, "I am unaware of the circumstances surrounding the halt in shooting; I learned about it through the media. Let me clarify that I will not continue working with anyone involved in illegal activities," he had affirmed earlier.

However, certain individuals on social media have drawn attention to photographs depicting Ameer and Zafar together, alongside Ameer's restaurant, insinuating, "The two share a close bond. How could Ameer remain oblivious to Zafar's actions?"

Zafar Sadiq, Amir
Zafar Sadiq, Amir
Director Ameer
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Responding to these allegations, Ameer released a video statement, asserting, "I have already clarified my stance regarding producer Zafar Sadiq of 'Kadavul Periyavan.' Nevertheless, it is distressing to witness some individuals, including my well-wishers, associating me with criminal activities on social media and in the press.

"I wish to make one thing unequivocally clear to all. I adhere to a religion that unequivocally prohibits alcohol and usury. By implicating me in such crimes, not only do you besmirch my reputation, but you also cause anguish to my family.

"I am fully cooperating with the police and department officials in their investigation. I am available for questioning whenever required. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported me during this trying period. Remember, God is the ultimate judge," he concluded, addressing the circulating rumors.


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