Dr. Sathyajith's Journey from '16 Vayathinile' to 'Bullet' Director: 48-Year Dream Comes True

I have a loving daughter. My son is getting married soon. Just when I thought of what else I wanted in life, I went to see the old-direction dream and the story that was hidden in my mind.
'16 Vayathinile' Dr. Sathyajith
'16 Vayathinile' Dr. Sathyajith
Dr. Sathyajith, known for his role in the iconic film '16 Vayathinile', shares his journey and excitement about his upcoming Kannada film 'Bullet'. Recently, posters of 'Bullet' appeared in Bangalore, catching the attention of many, including Dr. Sathyajith himself. He plays a significant role in the film, marking a milestone in his acting career.

In a candid conversation, Dr. Sathyajith recounts his journey from studying at the Chennai Film Institute to landing his breakthrough role in '16 Vayathinile'. Recalling how director Bharathirajaa recognized his potential during auditions, Dr. Sathyajith expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside legends like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, and Sridevi.

"I did my TFT from the Chennai Film Institute in 1976. The technical area of cinema is the first-year syllabus for camera and direction. It was my second year of acting. My photo came in the paper after completing my studies and winning the gold medal. They saw it at the Amman Creations office and called me through photographer Lakshmikanthan. Lakshmikanthan and I are already acquainted. He came to my room and said, 'Hurry up; there's an audition.' 

It is a big surprise for me that I got introduced to Rajini, Kamal, and Sridevi, and my character in that film also reached that level, and that one character has not helped me to recognise myself till now. 

After that film, I did a few films in Tamil. But nothing is as good as the doctor's character. I don't regret it. Because, when I was studying at the Film Institute, I wanted to direct films beyond acting. Unexpectedly, '16 Vayathinile' made me an actor.

Sathyajith with family
Sathyajith with family
'16 Vayathinile' Dr. Sathyajith
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At one point, I left Chennai and settled down in my hometown. Cinema is a beautiful family that gives me enough light. Also I have two loving children, a girl and a boy. I am very happy that my personal life has been satisfactory.

Some people are still asking Rajinikanth, Kamal, and Sridevi have disappeared in Bharathirajaa's direction. They feel more sorry for me than they do for me. But I don't regret it. I believe that the one above us decides everything.

I have a loving daughter. My son is getting married soon. Just when I thought of what else I wanted in life, I went to see the old-direction dream and the story that was hidden in my mind.

Despite acting in several Tamil films afterward, Dr. Sathiyajith admits that none matched the impact of his role in '16 Vayathinile'. However, he harbored a deep desire to explore his passion for directing.

After relocating to his hometown, Dr. Sathiyajith found solace in family life but continued to yearn for creative fulfillment. Finally, his dream of directing a film became a reality with 'Bullet', where he not only directs but also acts and contributes to the production.

Excited about the film's release and its potential in other languages, Dr. Sathiyajith reflects on the fulfillment of his 48-year-old dream and remains open to future opportunities in the film industry. As he awaits his son's wedding and embraces the joy of family life, Dr. Sathiyajith's journey serves as an inspiring tale of perseverance and passion in the world of cinema.

"I have directed the film and acted in an important role, and I have my share in the production. The film has come out well. We were shooting in Bengaluru and Goa. Awesome story. Hero Dharma Keerthiraj and heroine have come from Bollywood. Preparations for the release are going on.

There is an idea to bring it into other languages, including Tamil. When the film releases, my 48-year-old dream will have come true," he said emotionally.

'16 Vayathinile' Dr. Sathyajith
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