Kangana Ranaut : Praising Animal is 'discouraging'

Kangana Ranaut contemplates shifting from films, criticizing regressive portrayals. She questions audience preferences and hints at dedicating prime years to more meaningful pursuits.
Kangana Ranaut : Praising Animal is 'discouraging'

Kangana Ranaut recently expressed her contemplation of shifting her career focus from films. The acclaimed actress conveyed her desire to dedicate the prime years of her life to a more meaningful endeavor.

Critique of Recent Films

While not explicitly naming the film, Kangana criticized a recent release, possibly referring to Ranbir Kapoor-starrer "Animal." She pointed out the audience's encouragement of films portraying women in derogatory roles, which she found disheartening, especially considering her dedication to women empowerment films.

Refusal to Star Opposite Top Actors

Kangana revealed that she declined offers to star alongside popular actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and Ranbir Kapoor. She clarified that her decision was not driven by personal reasons but raised questions about the audience's role in accepting regressive portrayals of women in films.

Contemplation of Career Change

Expressing her dismay at the current state of the industry, Kangana hinted at the possibility of changing her career path to contribute to something more worthwhile. She urged introspection on the audience's part regarding the evolving representation of women in films.

Impact on Women Empowerment Films

Kangana, known for her roles in women empowerment-centric films, expressed concern over the dissonance between her efforts and the audience's apparent inclination towards films perpetuating negative stereotypes.

In light of these reflections, Kangana Ranaut seems poised for a potential shift in her career trajectory, driven by a desire to channel her energy into endeavors she deems more impactful and purposeful.


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