The Protest Of Fisherfolk In Rameshwaram: Fishermen Boycot The Katchatheevu Festival

English News Desk

Indian Fishermen got imprisoned by Sri Lanka for allegedly breaching the International Maritime Boundary Line, on February 2.
Protesting against the Lankan government's actions, the fishermen's associations in Rameswaram called for an indefinite strike from Saturday.
The parish priest of Verkottu church in Ramanathapuram, responsible for coordinating Tamil Nadu's pilgrimage to the Katchatheevu festival, has declared that there will be no pilgrimages from the state to the island this year.
As part of their protest, the fishermen raised black flags on their boats last Sunday and organised a rally stretching 10 kilometres from Rameswaram to Pamban.
The representatives from Rameswaram had announced that if their release was not sought by Thursday, all fishermen will boycott the Katchatheevu festival, which is slated to be held on February 23 and 24.
This will be the first time in seven years that the pilgrims from TN will not be going to the festival. Sources said that minimal pilgrims from Tamil Nadu had travelled to Katchatheevu inspite of lockdown due to Covid.
Nearly 72 merchandised trawlers and 28 country boats were arranged to take 3,455 pilgrims to the festival on Friday from Rameshwaram.
The boat owners out right refused to take their boats for the pilgrimage, the church owners tried to negotiate but it ended in a gridlock.
The Parish Priest Santiago has addressed the reporters and told that the festival is cancelled due to the fisher folk's protest.