Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Welcomes Baby Boy 'Akaay' |Visual Story

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, shared the heartwarming news of welcoming their first child, a baby boy named Akaay, on February 15, 2024. The unique name has sparked curiosity among the people.
The Hindi word 'kaya,' meaning 'body,' Akaay suggests someone transcending their physical form. Interestingly, in Turkish, 'Akaay' translates to 'shining moon.' The couple has not revealed which interpretation guided their choice.
The name 'Akaay' symbolizes more than a physical body; it carries divine blessings. With a name number totaling 6, ruled by Venus, it promises additional blessings for the child. Across various cultural backgrounds, 'Akaay' embodies positive fortunes and blessings.
on Instagram, Anushka and Virat shared their immense joy: "With abundant happiness and our hearts full of love, we are pleased to inform everyone that on 15th February, we welcomed our baby boy Akaay and Vamika's little brother into this world."
The announcement highlights the joyous addition to the family, with Akaay becoming a younger brother to Vamika, the couple's first child.